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Industry Focus

Circular economy (TRUCIRCLE™)

Complementary products and services for the SABIC TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio focusing on production of certified circular renewable polymers to close the loop between plastic producers and end-use customers. The current portfolio spans:Circular Economy Solutions
  • Design for recyclability
  • Mechanically recycled products
  • Certified circular products from feedstock
  • Recycling of used plastics
  • Certified renewables products from bio-based feedstock
  • Closed-loop initiatives to recycle plastic back into high quality applications and help prevent valuable used plastics from becoming waste. 

Digital technologies for the chemical industry

Digital technologies that improve the efficiency of SABIC’s chemical business processes to support SABIC’s (circular) value chain. This includes models to optimize chemical processes and operations, and solutions to exchange data across value chains and technologies to accelerate development of new icon


Products and services that support SABIC’s transformation in lowering the carbon footprint. This includes technologies for reducing energy use in chemical processes, for using electricity instead of other sources, and for incorporating recycled feedstock into petrochemical processes. Are you part of a sustainable hub? Read more on SABIC and sustainability.

Differentiated materials and products

Differentiated solutions like innovative processes, additives and materials to maximize market advantage and support the ambitions of SABIC’s customers in various industries.
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Agri-Nutrients innovations and specialty products

High quality, sustainable, and environmentally friendly fertilizer, crop protection and yield maximization technologies to enable our goal to support the Zero Hunger UN Sustainable Development Goal.plant agri-nutrients icon

Read more about SABIC Agri-Nutrients