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SABIC Ventures


You are a start-up company with an innovative technology, global ambition and the desire to take your business to the next level. We at SABIC Ventures, aspire to collaborate with you to grow your state of the art technology start-up to solve global (sustainable) challenges. Together, we may be able to create growth and value for both of our companies.

Exploring relationships

At SABIC Ventures, we focus on early stage technology innovations ready for, or close to commercialization. If your innovation aligns with our strategy and if there is value for both parties, we may be interested in exploring a potential partnership.

More than investments

Venture capital investments are not all we offer. We have experience in expediting commercialization, entering multiple global markets and providing technology support.

Part of a world class industry

SABIC Ventures is the externally focused, venture capital arm of SABIC. SABIC is a world-leading diversified chemical company, initially focused on petrochemicals and now developing its vertical integration in core businesses like agri-nutrients and specialty engineering products and solutions.

SABIC operates in around 50 countries, has 11,738 global patent filings, and runs significant research resources with innovation hubs in five key geographies: USA, Europe, Middle East, South Asia, and North Asia.


  • Large-scale R&D and product testing capabilities
  • Scientific and technical experience and expertise
  • Deep understanding of customer markets
  • Local and global insights
  • Go-to market strategies
  • Business support

Networking Opportunities

SABIC Ventures works closely with several corporate and independent venture funds, and collaborates with its partner, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV). SAEV invests in companies developing technologies with strategic importance to Saudi Aramco, to accelerate their development and deployment in Aramco’s operations. This $400 million program began in 2013, primarily invests in start-ups in North America and Europe, and has invested in over 40 companies since its inception.

Your partner for growth

If you believe that your company has developed a new technology or a disruptive innovation that is ready for commercialization and fits within SABIC Ventures’ industry focus areas below, please contact us to discuss a potential opportunity to collaborate.

SABIC Ventures is an integral part of SABIC’s Technology and Innovation strategy in support of our business and sustainability ambitions.
Dr. Bob Maughon
Executive Vice President, Sustainability, Technology & Innovation